Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wednesday 8th June

8th june  2011
Both hotels at Ruei Suei were really great but the food critics concensus was that the food was better at the girls hotel where they enjoyed prawns, oysters etc. From today we will all be back in the same hotel.
After an early breakfast we split into two parties and one group went to Ruei Suei JHs and the other went to Dongli JHS. Again we received a very warm welcome from the students who performed a traditional dance for us then allowed us to join in.
After a welcome speech from the head teacher the students were split into pairs and taught how to make Atomo beads necklaces with a vial that can be filled with essential oils. Then we went to Luoshan waterfall and the student s were shown how to make Parched rice cake. They all enjoyed making the rice into rice crispies, rolling the cakes out and eating them.
For lunch we went to Fuli Farmers association where students had a Taiwanese lunch box with their new Taiwanese friends.  After shopping in the Farmers association shop we left the dongle students and took the East coast scenic drive –

The other group took part in a talent show, did leather carving and visited a school fair before meeting up with us on the coast road.
We stopped on the coast road to look at the beach and again to visit the Basian cave visitors centre shops. We then continued down the winding coast road to Hualien where we checked back into our hotel before tonight’s grand dinner.

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