Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday 3rd June

Today we had an early get up for our breakfast and to clean our rooms as we were changing youth activity centres’ from Cheintan youth activity centre to Tienhsiang youth activity centre.
 After waving goodbye to our previous accommodation we moved on and lugged our suitcases to the station where we had to tactically not hit anyone. So we learnt a new life skill moving 56 people through a busy train station and getting everyone on to a train, the same train, and off at the same time.
We had to switch trains twice and then got on a 2hour train journey from Taipei main station to Hualien. The toilets on the train were a cultural experience (squats). We waddled off the train to get on a pony bus with Eric & co. On the pony bus we took an interesting route (turn after turn) which would give the Lake District a run for its money. The bridges were an engineering feat after being built in precarious positions with some people refusing to look out the window. We arrived at Taroko national park and were provided with a lovely meal, some people having more than their fair share, which was ordered the previous night. We then went to watch a safety video the chairs were very comfy and soothing music was played as people dropped off. The American voice over was annoying however the pictures were beautiful. Luckily the safety instructions were not needed other than don’t fall off the edge (no one fell). At the start we joined Hualien students from different schools and we were set into groups with them and walked down the gorge from lyushi trail to heliu camp. We had to walk through a dark twisty tunnel. Luckily everyone had torches. It surprised us that every where we have been there has been no litter. They are a very clean country so some of us don’t fit in.

 After our short 2km walk we were quickly herded onto the buses to leave for Lyushui where we would stay. The room members would jumble up so everyone could meet each other. The rooms were much appreciated however the walk up to the third floor was not. Out of the windows there is a beautiful view (extended by the balcony) of the mountains and the park. For tea we had a lovely Chinese meal. Some people tried more than others. The fish seemed the favourite dish and it was in a chilli and ginger sauce. The eyeballs tasted nice. We are currently discussing our talent show where there will be some stars were sure.

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