Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday 7th June

Today we -  Cockermouth, William Howard and Ullswater were going into Guangfu school. This meant an early get up at Ruei Suei
They are usually in school at 7am but we are  not alive at that time in the morning. So we had breakfast at 7 and an 8:30 leave. However the other three schools went to Fuyuan JH.
When we first arrived the Aboriginal students preformed a  welcome dance and taught us part of it.  We all joined in and danced around the quad.  Then we sang amazing grace and Emily did an amazing Solo.
We did a jewellery making class in their hall with their students and made bead bracelets. Then went  to the sports field to play games with their students . Luke had already been whisked away to teach them cricket with a baseball bat– he did too good a job as they beat us despite Mr Kent’s demon bowling.  They then taught us T-ball –a bit like baseball. We had lunch in their hall then had the opportunity to visit their classrooms. We have recruited Alex as our food expert - Alex said the soup was nice, he tried the egg yolk dumplings with cabbage and noodles and pork stew.  Lunch included Guava yellow water melon and water apples which we had not seen before. All really good.
After lunch we went for a wander and  at lunch time they were all having a ‘siesta’ in their class rooms – they had been in school since seven and apparently don’t finish until five perhaps Luke’s cricket training tired them out  We then got back on the coach and went to an Amis fish farm with the Guangfu students. We were taught the traditional method of breeding fish in ponds and catching fish. We were shown how to pound rice to make a sweet peanut flavour ball – how to cook fish in bamboo using hot stones in the water and then add a kind of water chestnut. Alex says this  was really good.
We then went on to at Fenglin Township to a jewellery workshop and made some glass jewellery. After this we saw charcoal being made from bamboo – and were told how it can be used to filter water and how if heated to over 4000 degrees the carbon would become a diamond. The shop here was very interesting – they had clothing made of bamboo fibres and even charcoal coated peanuts – very tasty- Alex recommends these!
The other group went to at Fuyuan JH:-

Caitlin says We made sweet potato dumplings then went to have a go at tie dying.   We had lunch at school then took the pony bus to the charcoal manufacturer, we made glass jewellery then we went to the Amis village and watched them catch and cook fish.
Then we headed back stopping at the seven eleven for extra rations and relaxed in our rooms until dinner - lots of us made of the hot tubs. After dinner we worked on our projects and then played team games in the dining hall – some practice with chopsticks required! Tonight we pack for an early start in the morning.
Luke Lois Caitlin, Alex C and Shaquille

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