Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Tuesday 31st may
On Tuesday we went to the Yelhiu geopark to view the queens head rock and some other famous ginger rocks. When we arrived we met the students from jhengde de jhs  they sang a welcome song as we arrived,  they were very generous as we walked they educated us about the rocks.
They kindly gave us a card with information on about themselves and an email address so we can keep in touch with them. We then went back to their school and we had a warm welcome from their principal and other teachers who also welcomed us as their students had come to meet us as well. They provided us with a delicious KFC and pizza. We had coke to drink. They gave us ice-cream as a dessert.
We then went off and were set in groups to do work shops with English and Taiwanese students. The work shops were: drama, poetry, song writing, photo story and creative writing. There was a demonstration to the rest of us at the end of our workshops. We had photos in our groups with the teachers taken and then we went to the promenade (sea side). We walked along the seaside where there was a range of stalls to eat , play games etc.
After we went to the station to catch our train and headed back to the hotel. At around 7:30 we went to the Shillin night market where we shopped and grabbed something to eat then went back to the hotel and had a good nights sleep. 

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