Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday 4th

Breakfast 8.00 Tienhsiang YAC
Then we were joined by students from Hua Ren, Ji Ann and Tzu Chang.  We introduced ourselves to separate students they showed us some amazing magic tricks we even got to write our names in mandarin
Then we were called to go see the National park guide instructors -  they  gave us a safety talk then took us on a Morning walk to the Temple as we walked they talked us through some of the plants and the history of the dragon boat festival, the food parcels and  of how there used to be deer in the area and now there is not. We walked up the steps to a beautiful temple but unfortunately the temple was closed due to the insecticide spraying, we saw the statue of a happy Budda and then we went for a walk up a mountain which was really scary for one or two of the students as it was quite high but  it was fine and the views were fantastic. The path we followed was created by the Japanese in 1917.
We then had lunch with the Taiwanese students.  For lunch we had typical Taiwanese lunch boxes and they were really nice. There was a variety of food in them which included tofu which for some people was a new experience. It was very tasty and everyone really enjoyed it.
After lunch we got into groups of three and paired up with a Taiwanese group of three to make a team for a treasure hunt around the local area, this took us around the village and we saw all sorts of monuments and shrines. The quiz clues were in the forms o0f riddles and some of them took real working out. The winning three groups got prizes at a small award ceremony, then the Taiwanese students had to go and we all waved them off.  We then had an hour and a half to relax and practise for the talent show. After the relaxation time was up we went outside to the auditorium and practised the songs that we will be singing for the Taiwanese students, which started out quite badly to say the least but gradually it got to a very good standard. Then we practised a country dance called Circassian circle and then we went in and had some time to relax before dinner, which was also a very nice experience. We had a typical Taiwanese meal and are all becoming proficient with chop sticks.
Then we were dismissed from dinner and had some time to practise for the talent show and then we went into our separate project groups and we worked on this blog.

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