Thursday, 2 June 2011


Today was a hectic day for us students. When we left the hotel it was raining so we all wore our raincoats or carried umbrellas. First we had two hours of a mix between walking standing/sitting on the MRT and trains to Taipei Zoo where we saw the Giant Panda and many other animals from all over the world.
After some lunch at the Zoo we got back on the trains and went to the centre of Taipei to do some shopping. Sorry parents much purchasing of bargains was done.
We then got back on the trains and went to Taipei 101 where we got on the lift to the 89th floor –it took about 35 seconds -there we looked out the windows and saw a magnificent view of the city all the way around.   We also saw the damper which helps ensure the building is safe in Earthquakes and high winds.
We then went and looked around the designer shops in the building not much buying done in Versace Tiffany’s or Armani and had some dinner in the food court – lots of people tried Taiwanese food today.   Then back to the youth hostel to pack for the next stage of our journey tomorrow.


  1. Jealous much.
    I hope Sophie got some decent pictures and that everyone is enjoying themselves!!

  2. Love the panda pictures. Has Katy got the carbon fibre bike frame yet?