Monday, 13 June 2011

Friday 10th June

The destinatiuon boards look very different in Taipei toi Newcastle

This is the shopping centre that we visited on the last day

We saw these signs in a shopping centre and thought they were a good way to distinguish between british style and Taiwnese style toilets!

On the way to the motorway

Chientan youth hostel

The Grand Hotel

Luxury - a late start we had breakfast at 8am
Followed by time to pack our cases, we all needed to get rid of unnecessary baggage to make the weight limit for the plane. Then we had room checks again to amke sure we had not left anything behind - like the keys. Mrs Mothersdale checked all baggage to ensure that we were not over the limit.
We checked out from rooms 11.00
We then all piled onto two coaches and visited an out of town shopping mall (Taimall) on way to the airport for lunch at food court. Some people were more adverturous than others here. There was also time to shop and the centre had 7 floors of shopping facilites and in the lower levels there was even a runnign track - which people were using for roller skating, basketball courts and a crazy golf course - which we had a go on.
We then went to the airport and checked in for our flights and had some time to look around the duty free. We got some strange looks as many of us were still wearning our Lei's.

We took what seemed a short flight to Bangkok where we had to disembark whilst they cleaned the plane then reboard for the Amsterdam leg of the flight. We were given meals on both the first and second leg and again they served icecream in the middle of the night - I think only Rosie was awake for this at this stage everyone else was trying to get back into UK time.


waiting for the pony bus

At Amsterdam following lots of goodbyes Cockermouth left the rest of the party and got the Newcastle flight - we were home by just after Eleven. The rest of the party waited for the Manchester flight and were home by 2 ish in the afternoon.
Now just got to get our sleep patterns right for school on Monday.

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